Nueces County Emergency Services District #1

Nueces County Emergency Services District No.1 (aka Annaville Fire Department), a governmental entity established and authorized through Texas Health and Safety Code 775, provides Fire and EMS protection within Nueces County, Texas.  The District currently has an estimated population of 40,000 residents.  NCESD#1 protects and serves the residents of Northwestern Nueces County.  The district encompasses approximately 95 square miles.  It is bordered on the north side by the Nueces River, the western boundary is County Road 79 and then runs east of Robstown and south of the Violet and Clarkwood communities then turns north at the Corpus Christi International Airport where the boundary line follows precinct lines north to Navigation Boulevard.

The District is governed by a board of five Commissioners, appointed by the Nueces County Commissioner’s Court.  In 2014, the District responded to 103 Fires, 1071 EMS, 30 Hazmat, 26 Service, 190 Good Intent and 9 False Alarm calls.  The District currently has three fire stations located within the district.  The District operates a fleet of six Class A pumper tankers, three Class A squad trucks, two ambulances, one utility truck, one MPV and three Chief trucks.


Public Notices

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